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Gary R. Naccarato, CMS-CHt, FIBH



Hypnotherapy is a natural state of relaxation where the mind is calm and focused concentration is maintained. It is an educational and self-improvement process that facilitates access and assists clients in solving problems, increasing motivation, or altering negative thoughts, beliefs, and behavior patterns to create positive change and to help free you from fear-based programming and assumed limitations.


Integral Hypnotherapy is a complete hypnotherapy program. It integrates traditional hypnotherapy protocols with contemporary techniques. It is the only hypnotherapy process that has been scientifically validated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research. 


Each session varies according to your goals and specific needs. Together, we will evaluate these and based on these considerations I will use a combination of techniques Higher Self Hypnotherapy specializes in. My method is to use the best tool at the right time.


For your convenience and safety, Higher Self Hypnotherapy provides sessions via teleconference. I work with clients all over the country via tele-sessions. In fact, over 80% of all hypnotherapy is now done over the computer throughout the globe. The benefit? As you are focusing and working on yourself from the comfort of your own home, you aren’t distracted by an unfamiliar environment allowing you to anchor and implement the changes you have been accomplishing much more quickly into your life. No matter where you live, you can break through your challenges and empower yourself. 


“Hypnosis is a form of truth serum.” – FALSE

 REALITY: You will not divulge any secrets while in hypnosis unless you choose to. You cannot be controlled or overpowered while in trance.


“Hypnosis can make you ‘do something.’” – FALSE

 REALITY:  You cannot do anything against your moral code while hypnotized. You cannot surrender your “will” to the hypnotherapist.


“The strong-minded are not easily hypnotized.” – FALSE

 REALITY: The more intelligent and creative a person is, often the easier it is to hypnotize them.


“You can get stuck in hypnosis.” – FALSE

 REALITY: You do not lose consciousness or go to sleep while in trance. It is impossible to “get stuck” in hypnosis. 


Clinical Hypnotherapy – Learn to identify unconscious motivators of negative feelings, attitudes and behavior and then reprogram them with positive suggestions and imagery that we’ll create together to best resonate in your subconscious. Dream analysis, regression therapy, dialoguing, emotional clearing, and attitude readjustment.


Medical Support Hypnotherapy – Pain management and accelerated healing. Understanding and healing subconscious conflicts related to chronic illness. Healing imagery and suggestions. Confronting common roadblocks to healing and how they influence the subconscious and autonomic nervous system.

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After retiring from a twenty-year career as an Emmy Award Winning Creative Director and producer for commercials, television, and film, I became disabled with a rare autoimmune disease. After having lost everything, I eventually had to be taken care of fulltime. With a powerful shift in my thoughts and view of myself and the world around me, my condition began to slowly improve. I am now in complete remission. Hypnotherapy helped me greatly with many issues in the past.


And after my illness of fourteen years and subsequent remission, I embraced the power of the mind and self-healing. I eventually, studied at the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA). I am a Certified Clinical and Medical Support Hypnotherapist, in addition to being a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH). IBH has the most stringent requirements for certification and regulates and maintains the strictest level of professional training and ethics in the hypnotherapy community.     


Let me start by saying I had never undergone hypnotherapy before this, and like many things in life, you get out of it what you're willing to put in. Having struggled with anxiety and addictive behaviors for several years, I was having a lot of difficulty in my day to day and watching many unrealized moments of inner peace with myself and those around me pass me by. Right away, Gary had this unique ability to center in and work with me to verbalize my goals and provide me access to a place in my mind I had forgotten existed. Through several sessions and a masterful process, I can now interact with my mind state in a healing, healthy, and positive manner. It's like being given back another chance at a more meaningful life. All I had to do was take it. I'm grateful beyond measure for this experience and would, without the slightest hesitation, highly recommend Gary's expertise to literally anyone wanting growth at any level.


- Jordan Walters, San Francisco CA 

As someone who had never experienced hypnotherapy, I found it to be extremely beneficial in helping me overcome negative self-talk and lack of self-confidence. It even helped me get in touch with and heal some physical pain. Gary Naccarato is a very empathetic, non-judgmental and professional therapist. He creates a safe space for healing and genuinely cares about his clients and helping them reach their goals.


- Leslie Streeter, Richland WA

Intrigued. Skeptical. Hesitant. Excited. Just a few words that popped into my head before my Hypnotherapy consultation with Mr. Naccarato. After our first session, I was sold. Every session since, a new breakthrough occurs. The positive reinforcement seems to be incredible. I cannot recommend hypnotherapy more.  Imagine, sense, and feel… and know that your psyche is safe in Gary Naccarato’s hands. You are deserving.


- Robert Sexton, Los Angeles CA

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